The Golden Lady!
Dolls -n- Daggers:
Dolls -n- Daggers:

This doll is in the home of a private collector and is not available for sale or duplication.

Yes, she's prolly who you think she is...........

Far be it from me to say any such thing though!
She's been given a full facial makeover with artist quality paints and sealers.
her outfit consists of... Black PVC vinyl, Red snakeskin PVC vinyl, Magic sculp pieces and parts and various paints and arcane substances.... :-D

Her sword has no tricks to it though - it's hand ground and polished solid brass, with a brass guard, brass grip and brass pommel (yes, it's supposed to be gold.. trust me!) - hand made by...... you guessed it! - VKW!

Her stand is also VKW work - painted silver and perfectly fitted. She also has a steel 'brace' to achieve the spread legged stance.

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