The Golden Lady!
Dolls -n- Daggers:
Dolls -n- Daggers:

The Vampire Slayer

The Face
Buffy has been given a full makeover, all of her factory paint removed and her face re-painted with artist quality acrylics and sealers. Her chin has been slightly resculpted, her eyes have been painted a smokey green her lips given just a hint of color. .

The Costume

Buffy wears a sleevless black knit top, black leather pants and a blood red leather coat. Her top and pants were completely hand stitched from hand drafted patterns
Kudo's go to Sarena of Dragon Leathers for the coat!

Her ax and knife are stainless steel, she carries four stakes, one each of ebony, oak, walnut and monkeypod - all of it created by VKW - otherwise known as my dear hubby.
He also made her stand, I'm such a lucky lady!

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