The Golden Lady!
Dolls -n- Daggers:
Dolls -n- Daggers:

Geirahod - meaning "Spear of Battle"
The first of the valkyrie series

This doll is in the home of a private collector and is not available for sale or duplication

All of her clothing is genuine leather - completely hand stitched AND completely removable - no glue or staples holding it to the dol.

She's had a full facial re-paint - done with quality acrylics and sealer - ( and a VERY small paint brush LOL) - her hair has been braided with genuine (if extremely small) feathers on gold thread.

Her spear is NOT a toy - it was custom made by Van Der Ploeg Knife Works and IS sharpened! It is also wrapped with waxed linen cord and feathers.

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