Legends by ValkyrieI create OOAK (one of a kind) dolls, and since I'm not overly impressed with lace and "fluff" I have a tendency to make warriors - which I couldn't possibly do without........
VKWVan Der Ploeg Knife Works - utterly beautiful hand made knives and miniature weapons... (and yes, I can say that even if he IS my husband! LOL)
The Original Valkyrie'sMy most popular page - We're talking over 2 MILLION visitors here. A short history of the Norse Valkyrie's
Dragon LegendsMore dolls! - My collaborations with Sarena of Dragon Leathers this time!
Valkyrie's Fonts Only the best in fonts! - Celtic fonts, Illuminated fonts - ENTHUSED fonts! LOL
Valkyrie's GraphicsAll of the graphics you see on my pages are my own creation. I'm not in the league of someone like Moyra, but I have a lot of fun!
The Declaration of the United StatesIt is what it says. A JPEG of the original, a full text version, plus some interesting historical facts about the men who signed it.
Words of Wisdom? My funny collection, Quotes, and Silly Stories.

Alrighty then! I think that pretty much covers everything!........ maybe....... I hope? OH! - except for this....

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